Head shots

I have had the privilege of doing head shots for some wonderful people over the past few years. These latest were for a friend and author.

BC (11 of 11)BC (6 of 11)

Here is his bio



We are looking forward to reading his next book!


Stitch Fix Review February 2019

Stitch Fix is a styling service for those of us who have little time to shop for clothes or just like the fun of having a package of goodies delivered to our doorstep.

Stitch Fix matches you with a personal stylist after you fill out a FREE online style profile. If you want to know more or give it a try for FREE, you can use this link:


Any one who knows me knows that I am cheap and a big thrift store lover. However I really enjoy Stitch Fix and it is great if I am looking for something that is much harder to find at a thrift store i.e. a great pair of jeans that is long enough for my 5’10” frame! The items I have kept from Stitch Fix are things I constantly reach for in my closet.

So this was my most recent Fix- tell me what you think!


It arrives neatly packaged


A style sheet is included with ideas of how to put the items into outfits.


One of the neat things about this Fix was that everything matched

IMG_3814 (1)

I really like the feather necklace but thought my baby would probably want to put it in his mouth constantly!

IMG_3813 (1)

I adored this print and the length of both of the tops in this fix.


Such great colors!


These booties were just what I was looking for- I loved that they didn’t have too much of a heel.


Jeans that are long enough! I also liked the undone hems, it gave them a boho flair that I liked.

sf1 (1 of 1)-2sf1 (1 of 1)

What do you think? What would you keep if you were me?


I am just going to ignore the fact that it snowed this week and focusing on the crocuses blooming in the front yard

It is offically Spring by my calendar and thus I am breaking out the flip flops and ignoring the snow.

In honor of leaving the worst of all seasons behind, here are a few shots of Fitzwilliam and Rosemary.ImageImageImage.